In Version 6.0


All new features are compatible with SketchUp 2017+.

Export Parts

Version 6.0 introduces a smart way of exporting part drawings to:

  • 3D - STL or OBJ files.

  • 2D - SVG or DXF files.

We wanted to cover different use cases, which is why exporting parts is available from several locations.

  • From Parts List and Part Properties through export actions.

  • From a new Smart Export Tool, similar to the Smart Paint and Smart Axes Tool.

Export Actions

With export actions, you can export parts in batches, in front or back side view.

Discover this new feature on its specific page :

Export Part Drawing

Smart Export Tool

The Smart Export Tool is more refined. It allows you to export a single part or a face directly from the 3D model. It offers greater control over the projection plane used.

Discover this new tool on its specific page :

Smart Export Tool


Material URL and Description

We have added two new attributes to materials : a URL and a Description.

These attributes are also displayed in the Summary of the Parts List, and you can click on the link icon to open the URL in your browser.

Material Colors

Since version 6.0, materials are identified by a round bullet in several places : Parts List Summary, Group Headers, Cutting Diagram, Estimate, Edge Banding columns...

The color of the material is also used to display the Edge Banding in the cutting diagram or on the labels.

This information is visible on screen and on the printed document.

We have added a new option called Hide material color to hide the colored bullets in front of material names.

Changing Edge Material

You can now change the material of all edges of a group in Parts List by simply editing their shared properties.


Part URL

Parts have a new attribute: a URL. The URL could point to your suppliers on-line store.

Cutting Diagrams

Leftovers to Keep

We have added a new parameter to define the minimal size of leftovers and display them in the cutting diagram. All leftovers that are greater in both dimensions will be listed separately. The list can be hidden. The content of the list can be copied to the clipboard and pasted into the Panel Offcuts of another project.

Real Shape of Parts

A new setting defines how parts are displayed in the cutting diagram. The cutting diagram is computed by considering only the bounding box of parts. With this setting, the real shape of a part is placed on the cutting diagram instead of its bounding box.

Cutting Diagram Export

We have added a new button to export entire layout drawing to SVG or DXF files. Many options to customize the export are available. You can save the options to a preset for future use.

Select Unplaced Parts

We have added a button to select all Unplaced Parts in the cutting diagram. If parts cannot be placed because they are too large to fit or because there are not enough panels for all parts, this option lets you select all the parts and see them in the Parts List. This could be useful to mark them with a badge or change their material or properties.


Formula as Element

We have added a new element called Formula that lets you customize the content of the element with Ruby code.

Thumbnail as Element

We have added a new element called Thumbnail that lets you preview the real front part shape.

Remove All Elements

We have added a new button called Remove all to quickly clear the label layout.


Material Density by Item

We have added the possibility to setup material density by standard item. In some case the material density does not help in computing the weight of a part. Because we use the bounding box of parts, the volume of a pipe/tube is greater than the used volume of material. With this attribute, you can add the density of material by item. To be able to add a density you need to specify a size.

Price by Length

We have added the possibility to specify the price of sheet goods and veneer by length.

Effective Volume

You can now configure materials so that they are estimated according to either the effective volume or the volume of raw material required. This allows you to compute the effective weight and cost of parts.

Be aware that if you must buy material by entire sheets/rolls or other units, the estimation by effective volume may be too optimistic!


Height of Table Rows

We have added an option to change the height of table rows from Normal to Compact saving a little extra space.

Weight and Currency Precision

Weight and Currency numbers can have their own precision, very much like Dimensions.

Cool Features

Badge Filters

You can now toggle the Badges filter in the Parts List to include or exclude parts based on the badge. Enter a badge name, then click on the eye to toggle from include to exclude.

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