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Smart Paint Tool

The SmartPaint tool makes assigning material to parts a breeze.
A new version of the Smart Paint Tool was introduced in version 5.0.0.
The SmartPaint tool assists in assigning or deleting material from parts, edges or faces without entering tree depth.
It is accessible from the paint bucket icon or the OpenCutList → Paint Parts menu.
Smart Paint Tool User Interface


Smart Paint Tool permits several actions (Paint parts, Paint edges, Paint faces, Sample, Clean). And each action can have several modifiers. All of those actions are visible at the top of the screen.

Paint Parts

Applying material of a type different from Edge Banding or Veneer can be done on a single instance of a component (1) or all components with the same definition ().

Paint Edges

By edges we mean the generally smaller 4 faces of a part. Edge Banding is the only allowed material. It can be applied to 1 edge, 2 opposite edges or to all 4 edges.

Paint Faces

By faces we mean the larger 2 surfaces of a part. Veneer is the only allowed material. It can be applied to 1 or 2 faces.


By clicking on an area with the Sample Tool, the underlying material and correct tool will be selected. If you sample Edge Banding, then the Paint edges tool will be selected.


Clean will remove all material information from a part. If you only want to remove Edge Banding, apply No material to the edges.
Cleaning affects all drawing faces of the definition and all instances using the definition.


  • Hit TAB (left to right) or SHIFT + TAB (right to left) to navigate through action
  • Hit CTRL + TAB (Windows) or OPTION + TAB (Mac) to navigate through action's modifier

Material picker

At the bottom of the screen you can find the Material picker. Here you can select the current material to use.
On the left side of this picker, a "+" button permits to create a new material.
On the right side, a "funnel" button permits to filter materials by type.


  • Hit and arrow keys to navigate through materials
  • Hit + key to open the new material form
  • Double click on a material's button to edit the material