Parts List

The Parts List contains a Summary and one or more group of Parts.

Parts List Sections


The title displays the filename or the SketchUp modelname, the name of the current scene, the current date and the length unit used. An icon next to the length unit directly links to the Preferences.


The summary displays an overview of the part groups (by Material/Thickness) with information for buying the lumber/sheets or accessories.

When the model units are metric, information is displayed in meters, square meters and cubic meters. When the model units are not metric (fractional, decimal inches, ...), the information is given in feet, square feet and board foot.

The summary lists rough dimensions based upon the oversizes that were configured in the Materials.

Depending on how warped rough-sawn boards are, these oversizes may not be sufficient to get the final dimensions out of your boards.

Hiding the Units

Even if the Preferences have been configured to hide units for single dimensions, the values in the summary will always be shown with units.

Group List

A group list is a group of parts with the same material and the same thickness.

Group Title

Part Numbering

Parts can be enumerated with letters A, B, C, ... or with numbers 1, 2, 3. The enumeration can be global for the Parts List or on a per group basis. The enumeration of parts can be saved, so as not to overwrite part numbers/identifications when adding components in the future.

Configure the Part Numbering Style in the Options.


This is the description that can be added to a component when creating it. It is displayed in the Components Inspector, not in the Entity Info.

Info Icons

  • Similar Part Fold/Unfold

  • Mirrored Part

  • Scaled Part

  • Inherited or extracted Material

Action Buttons

  • Highlight Part

  • Edit Part

  • Select Box

Rough and Finished Dimensions

Rough and finished dimensions will be displayed. To customize the order of rows and columns and to hide/show columns, select the appropriate Options.

Properties of Parts

Some properties of parts in the list can be edited directly from the Parts List. The description (but not the instance) of the component and the material assigned to the part. Furthermore, one can define that the length or (exclusively) width attribute should be summable. In this case, the rough dimensions will be summed up and shown in the rough dimension column.

Highlighting Parts

A long list of parts may contain components for which there is little information and finding them in the model can sometimes be tedious. Therefore parts can be highlighted from the properties window by using Highlight the part in the model.

Highlighting parts works also directly from the Parts List or from a Cutting Diagram.

From the Parts List, all parts contained in a group can be simultaneously highlighted.

Numbering Parts

Parts can be enumerated with numbers or letters. The enumeration can be reset for each group or run over the entire Parts List.

Enumeration of parts is dynamic. When the selection of parts in your model has changed, a new enumeration will result.

Saving Part Numbers

To fix the number of a part, use Save the part numbers of this group.

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