Shortcuts for Speed

Shortcuts speed up your work.

To be efficient in SketchUp, it is critical to reduce the number of times your hands go back and forth between keyboard and mouse. OpenCutList supports keyboard shortcuts for many operations.

The menu entries of OpenCutList make it possible to add SketchUp keyboard shortcuts. In the shortcut window of SketchUp you can filter by "opencutlist" to get a list of possible targets for a shortcut.

These shortcuts do not exist by default, because they could interfere with existing shortcuts.

Minimize OpenCutList

To minimize the main window of OpenCutList, simply hit the <ESC> key. To maximize the window, add a keyboard shortcut for "Generate Parts List".

Smart Paint, Smart Axes and Smart Export Tools

Inside of a tool, you may use <TAB> to go to the next sub-tool or <SHIFT>+<TAB> for the previous tool.

To get to the next option inside of a sub-tool (Paint edges 1 2 4), you may use <CTRL>+<TAB>.

Right-click Menu

When a component is selected, a right-click menu to edit the parts properties or its axes is available.

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