Translations for OpenCutList are managed in Transifex.

Helping as a Translator

If you wish to become a translator for a language not yet supported by OpenCutList, please contact us before asking for a new language in Transifex (you can send an email to This is because we would like to make sure that there will be a continuing support for the language after its first release.

If you would like to help improve translations, sign up with Transifex.

Source Language

The source language of OpenCutList is French, but it is translated/verified by the developers in English/German. Most translators will choose one of the three languages as a starting point for their translation. We want to make sure that the messages are as correct as possible in all supported languages.

Even small translation errors should be corrected. You can send us an email, work with us on correcting the terms, even if you don't want to sign up with Transifex.

Variants of Languages

Many languages have more or less significant variations. French is not the same in Quebec, Switzerland or France. For the sake of simplicity, we will only support a single two-digit language code. French is fr, Spanish is es, Portuguese is pt, ...

We hope that the translators will agree on a term that is understood by all users of a given language.

Conditions of Acceptance

A language will be accepted and released with OpenCutList, if and only if it is deemed complete. Languages that are only partially translated will not be released until completion.

If support for a language is discontinued, we will remove it from the releases until sufficient support for it is available again.

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