Estimate helps you estimate a project by calculating a rough summary of costs and weights for the components. The information needed by Estimate is configured on the material.

General Parameters

For each material used in your project, price and weight information can be entered.
OpenCutList will compute a report even if some information is missing.
In addition, the following OpenCutList General Preferences are important:
  • the currency symbol to be used. All prices will be displayed using this symbol. You are free in your choice of symbol (€, CHF, USD, $, ...).
  • the weight unit used to compute weight from the material density.

Material Configuration

Material Density

The material density or specific mass is the mass divided by volume.
In the properties of each material there is a tab Attributes. The density can be entered in [kg/m³] if your model units are metric, or [lb/ft³] if your units are imperial. Entering the density in [kg/ft³] or [lb/m³] is also possible.
Wood density typically ranges between 300 - 1200 kg/m³, which corresponds to 18.7 - 74.2 lb/ft³.
The density of wood will change with moisture content and is very variable even within the same species due to various factors. The material density used by OpenCutList does not have to be absolutely correct. It will always be a rough estimate!
Configuring the density of a material


A standard price or size dependent price can be entered.
Entering the price of a material
OpenCutList gives you several choices of entering price and weight.


Hardware is somewhat special. You cannot configure a price on the Material Tab.

Running the Estimate