Changing the Interface Language

The interface language of OpenCutList is independent of the installed version of SketchUp. You may select among English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Dutch or Vietnamese. An experimental version of Arabic and Hebrew is also available (currently without RTL interface). If an OpenCutList language matches the language of your SketchUp installation, it will be displayed at the top of the drop down selection. You must close and reopen the OpenCutList window for this change to be applied.
The Global Preferences apply to all future SketchUp sessions, until you change them.
You may select between small and normal print margins.

Selecting the Unit of Length and Precision

By selecting a template in SketchUp, you have already selected a model unit. The model unit can always be changed, but it is good practice to stick with the unit that you are most familiar with and to select an appropriate precision for your work. Check the box if you want OpenCutList to display the unit next to each dimension.
These settings change the underlying SketchUp settings from the menu Model Info -> Units. If you change those settings, the changes will be reflected in the Model Preferences.
Changing Unit and Precision in Model Preferences
The dimensions of parts in the Parts List and the dimensions of exported parts will only be displayed with units if you checked "Display length unit for each value". Summary values of areas or lengths will always be displayed with units.
The current unit of your model is shown at the top of the Parts List, next to the file name.
Switching units is always possible, but may result in unexpected behavior. 3/4" is 19.05 mm and not 19 mm. OpenCutList, not unlike SketchUp, will have a hard time to deal with "you know what I mean!"-type of dimensions.
SketchUp signals approximate dimensions, with regard to your model precision, by prefixing them with a tilde: ~19 mm.

Selecting Unit of Weight and Currency

Reports require the mass unit and the currency in order to compute weight and cost of materials. Insert a currency symbol of your choice, it can even be a smiley!
Preferences Tab
These Model Preferences are only valid for the current model. Switching units of length, mass and currency in one model does not affect other models.

Saving to Presets

The Model Preferences can be saved as Presets. Presets are default or named sets of settings that can be saved and reloaded at a later time.