Export 3D Part Geometry

This feature was introduced in version 6.0.0.

This module allows you to export one or more parts 3D geometry in one operation.

You can enable it from three places:

  • From Parts List to export all parts.

  • From a group of the Parts List to export all the parts of the group.

  • From part's properties dialog to export edited parts.

Each part will be exported in a separate file. All files will be placed in the directory which will be named according to the name of the part's material and the thickness (or section).


Supported Formats

The 3D geometry can be exported to files with the following formats:

Export Options

  • Unit : Defines the unit used in the exported file.

  • Anchor Point : This options preserves the location of the coordinate axes of the SketchUp component of this part in the exported file (Project the part's origin). Otherwise the smallest coordinate of the bounding box is used as location of the origin of the coordinate axes (Default).

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