Export to CSV

Exporting data from OpenCutList to a CSV file or clipboard.
The List of Instances, the Parts List or the Summary can be exported or prepared for a Copy to Clipboard.
Parts Export dialog
When selecting List of Instances, OpenCutList exports each part on its own row. Parts List and Summary export the data as represented on screen.
Only visible groups are part of the export. If you hide a group in the Parts List, it will not appear in the export.
If units are shown in the Parts List, dimensions will be exported with units as well. On the Customization tab, rows can be selected, ordered or used to compute derived data.
The Separator allows you to select among Tabulator, Comma or Semicolon as the sign to separate columns.
Encoding defines how special characters (beyond ASCII) will be encoded in the file. UTF-8 is a widely supported encoding.

Copy to Clipboard

Click on the Preview, you may then copy everything (values including headers) or just values to the clipboard.
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