Adhesive labels can be printed from a Parts List or a Cutting Diagram.
With its powerful label editor, OpenCutList can adapt to the format of almost any label sheet available.

Selecting Parts

The Print labels icon is available for every group in the Parts List and from every Cutting Diagram.
From Parts List group
From Cutting Diagram
By default, Labels will use all parts in the list (shown by a small letter "A" in the icon). If you select only a subset of parts, it will warn you and show a small letter "C" in the icon.

Page Configuration

Depending on your requirements, you will have to select a specific page configuration for your labels. The Paper Size, Margins, Label Gap and the number of Columns and Rows can be configured to match the available sheets of labels you have purchased.
These parameters will determine the real size of your label, shown at the top of the Layout.
Page configuration
OpenCutList does not have any pre-configured label templates. You are free to edit your own and save them for use in future projects.
If you print on a continuous label printer like Dymo or Zebra, you must configure your Paper Size to match the label size you are using.

Label Layout

Label elements can be added, resized, aligned, colored and deleted. A layout together with its page configuration can be saved as a Preset. You may want to setup a few layouts for different applications.
Label layout
One special element named Formula allows you to fully customize its output string with Ruby code. Learn more.
OpenCutList stores your layouts in your model. Label layouts are not lost when sharing a model with other SketchUp users.


The Offset defines the position of the first label to be printed on the first page of your sheet.
If you are printing to a continuous label printer, like a Dymo or Zebra printer, this will have no effect.
Selecting the first label on a sheet

Printing on Sheets

When printing the labels, you must ensure that you have selected the matching Paper Size in your printer. OpenCutList has no control over your printer, therefore cannot determine if your choice is correct.