Cutting Diagrams

Cutting diagrams are available for material groups of type Sheet Good and Dimensional.

Computing Cutting Diagrams

Cutting diagrams can be solved by a class of algorithms known as Bin Packing, albeit with a few twists. We are looking for an optimal cutting plan, but what is optimal? The criterion most often used to define optimality is the least number of bins necessary to pack a set of boxes. Other criteria to optimize include the size and number of offcuts produced (one large is better than many small), the total length of needed cuts, the number of times the panel needs to be rotated, the number of top-level through cuts, ...
Our cutting diagram algorithm includes further restrictions to the general problem:
  • all cuts must be guillotine cuts, that is they must cut through the panel or the offcut and cannot be stopped in the middle or make turns.
  • parts to be placed onto a panel may or may not be rotated by 90° depending upon the material (wood grain direction or none).
  • the generation must be deterministic, that is always give the same solution for the same input. The cutting diagram is not saved in the model, but recomputed every time.
Cutting diagrams are not available for material of type Solid Wood, because they are not meaningful in that context.


Bin Packing problems are notoriously difficult. Even if we cannot guarantee to find a perfect solution, our algorithm tries very hard to find an acceptable solution.
Please do not report a bug, if the cutting diagram does not look as you expected.