Import parts from a comma-separated file into a SketchUp Model.

File Format

CSV files are simple text files representing columns of identical data with an optional column header. The field separator may be space, comma or semi-colon. The optional column header is the first line of the file.

Open CSV file

A single file may be selected for import. If you want to import multiple files at once, you must merge them before importing them. This is because not all files may have the same structure.
After selecting the file, you must match the columns to the mandatory fields, which are Designation, Length, Width and Thickness. Without additional fields, a quantity of 1 is assumed.
Without unit, all dimensions are considered to be in model units. OpenCutList will display the unit it is using.
Quantity, Material and Tags are optional fields.
OpenCutList can only import the parts when all required columns are green.

Import Into Model

Once you have selected all required columns, importing can be completed by
  • removing all existing parts in the model and replace them with the new ones. In doing so, you may select to keep definitions (components) and material settings or remove them.
  • adding parts to the existing ones.
In both case, the imported parts will be placed into a group to make it easy to select them and move them to an appropriate location.