Tells the story of OpenCutList and the Team behind the project.


OpenCutList started with the first commit to GitHub on December 3 2016. The idea was announced on the French site L'Air du Bois: Un autre plugin Sketchup pour les fiches de débit ?


Boris Beaulant

Boris was a game programmer in another life. He switched to furniture design and making more than 10 years ago. His professional website is Boris Beaulant.

Soon after starting his career as furniture designer he also initiated and programmed the website L'Air du Bois, a french collaborative platform around woodworking.

Boris is the creator and the main programmer of OpenCutList.

Martin Müller

Martin's background is in system and network administration. A graduate from the University of New Mexico in Computer Science (a very long time ago!), he likes algorithms and data science. He is currently working part-time as a scientific assistant.

He is the main responsible for the cutting diagram algorithms and for managing the translator team.


The core team is responsible for the French, German and English version. All other languages are the result of volunteers. Translation in the context of a specialized software like OpenCutList is very challenging, because automatic translation does not work at all!


Developing and supporting OpenCutList takes a lot of time, because we very much care about the product and we want to ensure its continuing development.

To give OpenCutList users an opportunity to show their appreciation, we have created a collective on OpenCollective where users can contribute to the future of OpenCutList.

From time to time, we set a financial goal for the next version. Usually it takes 1 - 2 months between the call for financing and the delivery of the release (see also OpenCollective Updates).

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