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Parts generates a Parts List by summarizing all visible components in the active scene.

Layout of the Page

This page includes the filename, the scene name and the units used in the model. A summary section lists all parts, grouped by material and thickness with quantities and some rough dimensions depending on the type of material. From the summary you scroll down to the desired group.
To shorten a long Parts List, you can hide the summary and all groups, up to the title bar.
The content of the Parts List is dynamically generated. Anytime you select a part in the scene or if you switch to another scene, the list will receive a notification that something has changed and ask you to regenerate.
Hidden components are not listed. The Parts List always reflects what you have selected or every visible component in the current scene if nothing is selected.
Parts List gives more details about the content.
Generate will recompute the Parts List after a change in the model, after the selection of active parts or the current scene has changed. If you get annoyed by OpenCutList always asking to regenerate the Parts List, you can click on Ignore or simply minimize the window. Because of the dynamic nature of the list, it is important for you to know if the list is in sync with the model and your selection.
  • Print the current Parts List.
  • Export to save the Parts List to a CSV file.
  • Draw to generates a configurable exploded view of your model or a selection of parts.
  • Estimate to estimate cost and weight of the Parts List.
  • Options to define how OpenCutList should build and display the Parts List.
  • Three Dots for general functions.